Elvis Presley at Neve Ilan, Jerusalem

“I really enjoyed the story about the Elvis Presley Café, with the 16 foot gold statue of Elvis, located near Jerusalem. The CD that accompanies Ani Israeli was very helpful as I could listen to the correct pronunciation of the Hebrew. I liked the voice and speed of the narration on the CD.”


  “One of my favorite stories in I am Israeli occurred on an Egged Bus. The Bus Driver and the Doctor was a great read. It really helped me feel what it would be like to live in Israel. I felt like I was right there. Easy to read, humorous, with lots of colorful characters and situations. I am so glad the book is finally available.”  

-S. Robinowitz


“A cute little book with stories that immigrants to Israel can relate to! This book is about at “bet” level in the ulpan system.”

-P. Grossman


“What a great idea to include a CD in I am Israeli, Leah Brodersen’s newest book. In her first book To be Israeli was an excellent way to supplement my Ulpan experience. The stories are simple and very interesting, especially because these stories each give a slice of Israeli society. Now we can listen to the correct way of speaking while reading the words of the text. The goal would then be to listen without the text and To be Israeli.”

-Elana Heavenrich, Teacher, Jerusalem


“To be Israeli  is an excellent book. The stories are very enjoyable to read and my favorite is a very amusing story about The Dead Sea. The book is very helpful for learning Hebrew and is easy to read. I highly recommend this book.”

-J. Dietch

“I have used To be Israeli and I am Israeli  to help me with my Hebrew. These are fun stories that are at a “bet” level of Hebrew.”